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A New Look at the Fitzpatrick Scale

Cellular Shapes

Chemical Acid Small Discussion

Letter from Client

Dermaplaning Series 1:5

Dermaplaning Series 2:5

Dermaplaning Series 3:5

Dermaplaning Series 4:5

Dermaplaning Series 5:5

Client Discussion Part 1:3

Client Discussion Part 2:3

Client Discussion Part 3:3

Salicylic Acid Peel with Dermaplaning Discussion 1:2

Salicylic Acid Peel with Dermaplaning Discussion 2:2

Advertising Misinformation Part 1:2

Advertising Misinformation Part 2:2

Have you heard this before?: "My skin is dry!"

Large vs Small Skincare Lines

Method of Action: Ceramides (Short Version)

Professional Questions Answered

Pre and Post Microdermabrasion Protocol Ideas

Acne Scars Advanced

Combination Peel

Professional Protocol - Fitz 2 (Acne Prone)

Acne Client Discussion

Mastering Fan Brush Peel Application

Serene Products Dermaplaning Q & A

Sensitive Skin

Anti Aging Facial L 1 L 2

Signature Facial

Brightening Facial

TCA Trichloroacetic Acid

TCA Chemical Peel - Breaking Rules!

TCA Peel - Professional Experience Counts

Vitamin C Facial

Loving the Skincare Industry

Epidermal Basal Layer Basic

Understanding Acid Strength

Desmosomes and Cellular Adhesion

Hand Peel

Polish Perfect Facial

Plane and Smooth

Peel and Reveal

She Made Me Do It

Forever Thirteen

Age Me Not

Got Your Back

Problem Solver

Radiance Reviver

Signature Facial

Fitzpatrick 5 Acne Scar

Fake Professionals (aka. Retail Clients)

Dermal Epidermal Connecting Zone

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